Imperia Enamel
Coated Duplex Board

    • This is a multi layered board with the outer surface unbleached and grey.
    • For operations for stamping, lamination, etc
    • It has a high degree of stiffness.

For high speed printing machine, Carton printing job of packaging board Letter press, offset printing, etc.

  • Quality : Imperia Enamel (HWC)
  • GSM Range : 230 to 450
  • Our Machine Deckle : 325 CM

Coated Duplex Board (Grey Back) is a machine-coating paper distinguished by its high strength and excellent surface properties of the coating side.

  • Pharmaceutical packaging.
  • Industrial packaging.
  • Hosiery & Garments.
  • Cereals Appliances etc.

It has a high degree of stiffness.

A smooth surface which makes the board.

Good smooth and thickness, widely used and supplied in printing and packaging of food, wine, toy, drug, shoe boxes and others.

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