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Export of Duplex Cameboard

We are building a better business, focused on delivering sustainable value to all. To us, truly sustainable value is found when balancing the needs of Our Business, Our Environment and Our People.

CamerichPapers work in partnership with customers to deliver value through exceptional packaging performance at every stage of the supply cycle. Whatever your packaging needs, we will help you increase sales, lower costs and manage risks. Our sustainable corrugated case materials are supplied to the packaging industry for conversion into corrugated board and boxes.

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Export of Recycled Paper

More domestic opportunity makes trading easier for recyclers and brokers in the India. trying to sell recovered fiber, Moore adds. The new restrictions are being implemented due to incidents of the mixing of hazardous and plastic waste with imports of mixed papers being reported.

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Exports of Mixed Papers

We’re trusted to supply quality materials for export because we are a papermaking company. The Recycling Division’s extensive quality management systems ensure that we’re able to supply our own recovered fibre mills with high quality paper for recycling – and we meet our own stringent quality targets whenever we prepare material for export to the global recycling market.

paper export